HVAC & Clean Rooms

HVAC EPC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Our team has successfully installed and commissioned several large projects for chillers/VRF/package units.We have served our clients with unique designs, superior execution quality and efficient after-sales support, thereby developing a large customer base.

HVAC Engineered Systems


We have expertise in the niche area of HVAC for acoustically controlled chambers. In collaboration with Adams Technologies and Eckel Industries, we use acoustic simulation software to design the HVAC system. Making use of CFD analysis for Airdistribution modelling and custom PLC designs for Remote Monitoring & Control, we offer superior solutions with desired results in terms of dbA levels.

Clean Room

We have expertise in Supply and Installation of Clean Rooms with cleanliness levels of ISO Class 1 to 8 / Class 1 to Class 1,00,000 for pharmaceutical companies, semi-conductor industry, operation theatres, component manufacturing, bio safety labs and the like.

In addition to clean room, we offer services that include:

  • Airborne particle count for classification / Ultrafine particles/
  • Macro-particles
    • Air flow velocity and volume test/air pressure difference test
    • Installed filter leakage test
    • Air flow direction test and visualization
    • Particle deposition test/recovery test/containment leak test
    • HVAC system design for BS -1/2/3/4 labs

Otsuka Pharmaceutical India Pvt Ltd

  • Solution Partition Work and vessel shifting
  • Total Cumulative Capacity200 Sq.mt and 5 T of vessel shifting
  • Total Cumulative Project ValueINR 2 lakhs

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iCAT, Manesar

  • Solution Anechoic Chamber, 20 dBA inside Chamber
  • Total Cumulative Capacity250 TR
  • Total Cumulative Project ValueINR 16 Crores

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Intas Pharmaceutical

  • Solution 37 AHUS (8 BIBO units )
  • Total Cumulative Capacity6 lakhs CFM
  • Total Cumulative Project ValueINR 1.34 Crores
  • Total Electrical load 360 KW

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Otsuka Pharmaceutical India Pvt Ltd

  • Solution Clean room Class 10000
  • Total Cumulative Capacity6365 CFM
  • Total Cumulative Project ValueINR 0.2 Crores
  • Total Electrical load 9 KW

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Arvind Ltd

  • Solution Temperature control 30 Deg
  • Total Cumulative Capacity54000 CFM
  • Total Cumulative Project ValueINR 0.5 Crores
  • Total Electrical load 50 KW

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Honda Motorcycles & Scooters, Vithlapur

  • Solution Chiller Design & Execution
  • Total Cumulative Capacity450 TR
  • Total Cumulative Project ValueINR 4 Crores

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Parle Agro Foods Pvt Ltd, Sitarganj/Mysore/Bhopal/Varanasi

  • Solution Clean Room Class 10,000
  • Total Cumulative Capacity1500 TR
  • Total Cumulative Project ValueINR 14 Crores

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Harsoria Healthcare

  • Solution Clean Room Class 10,000 and 1,00,000
  • Total Cumulative Capacity600 TR
  • Total Cumulative Project ValueINR 8 Crores

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Maruti Suzuki Ltd, Rohtak

Maruti Suzuki Ltd, Rohtak Project Short Description

  • Solution Temp Control 18 – 30 Deg C and Rh Control – 30% - 80%
  • Total Cumulative Capacity4400TR
  • Total Cumulative Project ValueINR 34 Crores

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